An affected neighborhood in Larimer County: Heathfire

Although I had created a map of the known injection wells in Larimer County last year (see this page on the website), I had never yet gone to see any of them.  So today I decided to do that. I picked one location from the map that looked easy to drive to:

The injection well I picked

I also discovered that if you input a lat/long location into Google Maps (latitude first), it will put a pin there, which made things easy….so off I went.

Turns out this location is in the Heathfire neighborhood, not far from Terry Lake, a few miles north of Fort Collins. It was somewhat of a shock to see this obviously somewhat old facility of oil and gas equipment, rusty and antiquated-looking — with two pump jacks in constant motion — surrounded by expensive, clean, modern homes; but there it was:

Entrance to injection well site

As I drove through the neighborhood, I was able to see more of the facility from different angles:

Entrance sign identifies Prospect Energy as the operator
View from a little further down the street
And a little further down the street


Evidently, this neighborhood grew up around this O&G facility, as the homes look much newer than the rusty equipment.

I have heard from others who have lived here that there are sometimes quite strong fumes that come this equipment. While I don’t know what that means, this is one of the injection well locations that we are going to be studying…stay tuned!


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