Injection Wells, What You Need to Know

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What are Injection Wells?

The waste products from oil and gas development are highly radioactive and pose dangerous risks to human health and the environment.

These wastes are often stored in injection wells, which can potentially lead to earthquakes, leaks and contamination of local water sources and other issues.

Where is this happening?

All over Colorado; and in Larimer County: see a local map here.

(However, the seminar will be directed at Pennsylvania residents.)

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • about the permitting process for waste injection sites (in Pennsylvania)
  • what to look for when preparing a challenge
  • how to request public hearings

And much more – including a chance to bring questions to the presenters:  injection well expert Matt Kelso, and attorney Megan Hunter to help you be informed and prepared.

Here's the link to register.

Please share the event with others who are concerned about injection wells and want to be prepared.