Our Longmont Action Alert

This Tuesday, August 25, Longmont City Council will vote on whether or not to extend their contract with Dr. Detlev Helmig’s company Boulder Air for air quality monitoring at Union Reservoir and Vance Brand Airport.  Your support for extending this contract is badly needed.

Details on Longmont City Council website: https://www.longmontcolorado.gov/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/36239/1300

To email Longmont City Council members: https://www.longmontcolorado.gov/departments/city-council/city-council-members

(Members Joan Peck and Marcia Martin are supportive; Ms Martin came to a Larimer Alliance meeting last year.)

To see the meeting agenda: https://www.longmontcolorado.gov/departments/agendas-and-minutes/agenda-management-portal

Open the pdf to see agenda details; the Boulder Air contract renewal is under Item 12, General Business. If you wish to testify, details on how to call in during the meeting are available in above link about the agenda.


Our Coalition, Citizen Groups, consisting of LOGIC, Sierra Club, Earthworks and the Larimer Alliance for Health, Safety & the Environment will be represented by Mike Freeman, EarthJustice attorney. Mr Freeman will be presenting to the COGCC on the  500-series of Mission Change O&G Rulemaking at 9:05 a.m. Monday, Aug. 31. We believe he will have some impacted citizens present, as well.

The rewriting of 500-series as mandated by the law SB-18a contains important issues such as:
  • who has legal “standing” to participate at COGCC, the definition of “affected person” that can apply to participate
  • variances that Operators can request from COGCC director (as currently written in draft),
  • Notice (public and private notice, such as what is posted at COGCC website and who is noticed for new, expanding Oil & Gas facilities.), and
  • “responsible party” — for leaks, spills, etc.
These are crucial issues for the public to be informed of pending Oil & Gas Facility lease requests, applications,  to hold industry accountable,  and to have equal footing with industry and local governments at the COGCC.

Here is the Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83759541120

Colorado Rising to testify!

Hear Joe Salazar, executive director of Colorado Rising, and former Colorado state legislator, testify on behalf of all Front Range citizens affected by oil & gas operations. Tentatively scheduled for 3:45pm.