The longmont action alert, 8/24/20

This is what I wrote to each Longmont City Council member today:

Dear Council member …:

Please renew the contract with Boulder Air during this Tuesday’s council meeting. Although I live in Fort Collins, I think it is important to continue monitoring the air quality at the Longmont and Boulder stations. I and other Ft Collins residents will be urging our city council to support creating such monitoring stations here. In fact, there should be a network of such recording stations throughout the Front Range, because this technology developed by Dr. Helmig is the only way we are going to be able to tell how much of our ozone and VOC pollution is coming from oil and gas operations, as distinguished from vehicular traffic.

Thank you.

Rick Casey

As you will see when you go to the Longmont City Council webpage, you will have to email each member individually, in the popup form that is attached to their name. If you copy and paste your message though, it goes pretty fast. Good luck!

Report on AQCC meeting, 7/14/20

This report was submitted by Nancy York, Larimer Alliance member:

I attended the July 14, 2020 afternoon hearing with the new professional Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Just under 80 folks were in the zoom attendance. Tom Rhodes spoke factually and eloquently just before me as one of the last speakers of the session.

It was a positive experience hearing the concerns and aspirations of the majority of speakers advocated for protecting our health, addressing the climate crisis, and noting the economic consequences of O&G development. Anyone who needs and wants a little pickup should participate in the frequent future hearings. You can see the upcoming schedule and register to attend at this website: The next hearing will be July 28th.

The Rural and Urban divide became clearer as elected officials get to speak first. It was interesting to hear from a few rural communities and counties namely Silt, and Delta, Logan and Mesa counties. The dominate concern mentioned was the economic driver of oil & gas development, namely jobs and revenue for streets, schools and such. Mesa particularly mentioned liquified natural gas exports via Oregon to Japan. Dave Devanney representing the Western Colorado Alliance, having just moved from Battlement Mesa in Garfield County, noted that O&G had developed in that community and expressed concerns about the air and water pollution.

There was culturally diverse representation on the anti-fracking side. So many impassioned speakers from around the state, some as individuals and others representing organizations. 

It is an investment of time to participate but affirming to hear and to be in solidarity.

Now we must wait and see what actions this COGCC will take. I’m hopeful.

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