Industry expert testifies on toxicity of fracking

The long letter below is from Dusty Horwitt, a resident of Michigan, but with a deep interest in the fracking environmental issues in Colorado. He is an expert in the regulation of the chemicals using in fracking, and submitted his letter to the COGCC as part of the Rule 510 Comments on Oil and Gas Chemical Disclosure, 200 Series Rules. It is a bit technical for the layperson, but can also be used a reference by people seeking to understand and petition their own local officials on the pervasive issue, which has paralyzed discussion for years. With testimonials such as this, perhaps some clarity can finally be achieved….


The longmont action alert, 8/24/20

This is what I wrote to each Longmont City Council member today:

Dear Council member …:

Please renew the contract with Boulder Air during this Tuesday’s council meeting. Although I live in Fort Collins, I think it is important to continue monitoring the air quality at the Longmont and Boulder stations. I and other Ft Collins residents will be urging our city council to support creating such monitoring stations here. In fact, there should be a network of such recording stations throughout the Front Range, because this technology developed by Dr. Helmig is the only way we are going to be able to tell how much of our ozone and VOC pollution is coming from oil and gas operations, as distinguished from vehicular traffic.

Thank you.

Rick Casey

As you will see when you go to the Longmont City Council webpage, you will have to email each member individually, in the popup form that is attached to their name. If you copy and paste your message though, it goes pretty fast. Good luck!

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