powerful testimony at cogcc hearing, 9/4/20

(Testimony from these 350Colorado panelists began at 3:05pm; the timestamp during today’s recording will be posted later. Many thanks to the 350Colorado staffer, whose name I missed, who coordinated these presentations.)

Dr Ed Ketner, PA resident, gave an excellent overview of the scientific and medical evidence summarizing how fracking affects human health, and how the current 500′ setbacks are totally inadequate.

Janis Butterfield, in unincorporated Weld County resident and rancher near Berthoud, who lives between two fracking pads gave powerful and moving testimony, with stories, pictures and vidoes, showing how her

Some screen shots from their presentations:

Susan Speece testified at 3:48pm, representing Anthem Ranch, a residential community in northwest Broomfield (just west of Lafayette). She also served on the Broomfield O&G Task Force. She’s head of a residential action group, and described how her community’s residents have suffered negative health effects from air pollution from wells in their areas. Her group have also done careful correlation of specific days of O&G operations (drilling, flowback, etc) with spikes in air pollution. Also, levels of toxic pollutants in their air have been document at levels far in excess of recommended levels. (Ms Speece is in the lower right below.)

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