To view recordings of the historic COGCC hearings on YouTube, see the link below. The recordings are continuous testimony, and are broken up by the breaks that the Commissioners took every couple of hours, which are labeled as Part I, Part II, etc. in chronological order, grouped by date.

Some of the recordings are quite long, so if you are seeking a particular speaker, try using the Full Agenda to see in what order they spoke, and fast forward through the recording to find them. Note that many panelists spoke longer than scheduled, so the agenda times are approximate.

The link below is to ALL of the recordings available for the COGCC (going back to March 2020); however, if you examine the right panel, you will see that the index #11 is selected, which is August 24, 2020, the first day of these historic Rulemaking Hearings on SB-181; the other days appear after that:

COGCC YouTube recordings of Rulemaking Hearings


Some of the testimonies are more interesting than others! Those with high value will be identified and posted here soon; some of the personal stories of people who have suffered from fracking near their homes are particularly touching, and deserve more circulation. Such individuals had waited a long time for their opportunity to tell their story directly to this new COGCC staff, under the aegis of SB-181.

So, if you know where some video segments appeared that you would like to identify, please post a comment as to which day, and at what timestamp it appears, with a brief title and description why it is valuable, and it will be added. Thanks for your help!

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