Here is Part I of the COGCC Hearing recording:

Wed, Aug 26, 2020, Part 1, at time 1:35 –
This Environmental Groups panel contained great testimony from Mike Freeman, Christiaan van Woudenberg and Elise Bair.

Here’s an opening slide, which mentions the Larimer Alliance. Mike Freeman gave the opening remarks, which stressed some points that the COGCC should follow in setting future policy, including using the social cost of carbon, and doing cumulative impact analysis.

Christiaan van Woudenberg, a trustee of the town of Erie and director of Erie Protectors, spoke next, at about 1:35, and gave an impressive presentation that laid out how he and Erie neighbors, who live in the Weld County side of Erie (the other half to the west is in Boulder County), have been massively impacted by the number of gas wells in their neighborhoods — some as little as 500 feet away from homes . He has been fighting fracking in Erie since 2014.

Next to speak was Emily Bair(spelling?), at 1:56, related a dramatic personal story of how here 7 year old son suffered grave afflictions in 2017-18 from the environmental air pollution from the nearby gas wells. She spoke for so many other persons who have been afflicted by fracking in her testimony, and is living proof of what SB-181 was meant to address…and still needs to address.