Larimer Alliance Speaks to the Climate Activists of Tomorrow at Dunn Elementary Dolphin Dash Event

Fifth Graders getting ready to visit their chosen pledge stations.

Visitors to the Larimer Alliance Station on Climate Change Knowledge

The Larimer Alliance had a unique opportunity to speak with the next generation of potential climate activists. On May 3, we set up an informational table at Dunn Elementary, a unique school that is part of the globally recognized International Baccalaureate program based in over 5,000 schools in 158 countries. Our display and discussion were part of Dunn’s Dolphin Dash and Learner Profile Pledge event.

Starting with Fifth Graders in the morning, groups of up to ten students selected to visit tables to visit focusing on hunger, social justice, reading and education, affordable energy, water quality, and air quality. The students are seeking ways to tie what they are learning in Dunn’s IB program to these issues and what they can do to work on them. In speaking of the Alliance’s work, we emphasized air quality and how it is affected along the Front Range by oil and gas activity.

A large number of those who visited the Larimer Alliance table indicated they had picked up trash and/or planted trees and native plants for Earth Day and were aware of the need to shift off fossil fuels. By the end of the day with the kindergarten kiddos, we were just asking some pretty basic questions. But all the students expressed understanding of the various issues, and recognized they will be working on them in the future. It is encouraging to see them paying attention. . .