Thanks again to the deputy director of LOGIC, Andrew Forkes-Gudmundson, for this excellent summary of Day 2. We are grateful for Andrew’s insights, which nail down lengthy, dense (sometimes intentionally misleading) testimonies, into pithy sentences that tie them up so neatly, with honesty and integrity. One innovative twist is the inclusion of “Lowlight” as well as “Highlight” points:



Though they started 45 minutes later than listed in the Agenda, the following groups & individuals did testify:

Katherine Merlin, of 350 Colorado, refuted some previous testimony from industry, and moderated the other panelist presentations. Here is one of her slides:

Dr. Lisa McKenzie, professor at Anschutz UC-Denver, testified about how dangerous the chemicals are from fracking

Dr. Sandra Steingraber, famous biologist and activist from New York, also testified about the toxicity and environmental harm from fracking.

Dr. Robert Howarth, MIT biology professor and Earth systems scientist, gave recorded testimony about how fracking contributes the greatest percentage of total methane to our GHG emissions.

(At this point, the COGCC moderator informed Katherine that she’d exceeded her time limit; Katherine replied the Commissioners had granted them a bit more time, and continued.)

Dr. Beth Ewaskowitz, shared testimony on the blood testing of her young son. Katheryn Maicula, mother, wife, resident of Erie, testified about the extreme impacts of air pollution from fracking on her family and other residents (continuous vomiting, nausea, headaches). After they moved to Estes Park, her family’s illnesses disappeared.

Micah Parkin, director of 350 Colorado, ran down a list of recommendations to the COGCC. Here’s a slide of that:

Afterwards, there was some Q&A between the panelists and the Commissioners. In particular, the need for better coordination between the COGCC and the AQCC regarding continuous monitoring of air quality. ED Jeff Robbins did question Mrs Maicula about her story. There was substantive discussions of setbacks, and how a Bella Romero should never happen again. Discussion concluded about 3:30pm.

Industry expert testifies on toxicity of fracking

The long letter below is from Dusty Horwitt, a resident of Michigan, but with a deep interest in the fracking environmental issues in Colorado. He is an expert in the regulation of the chemicals using in fracking, and submitted his letter to the COGCC as part of the Rule 510 Comments on Oil and Gas Chemical Disclosure, 200 Series Rules. It is a bit technical for the layperson, but can also be used a reference by people seeking to understand and petition their own local officials on the pervasive issue, which has paralyzed discussion for years. With testimonials such as this, perhaps some clarity can finally be achieved….