Air Quality Enterprise Board–What is it?

Yesterday, I listened in to most of the introductory meeting for the Air Quality Enterprise Board just to learn what it is about. It is a non-regulatory state agency under the Air Pollution Control Division (APCD) the purpose of which is to collect good data on emissions in order to use that data for research. Funding for this work will come from operators and the initial task of the board is to determine how to collect fees. These fees are in addition to emissions fees already being paid by the industry. They hope to have a fee structure in place by next summer.

There were 60+ participants in the zoom, I’m assuming a number of them were industry representatives, but since most of the discussion took place through questions in the chat box, it was hard to tell. The one comment that I particularly took note of was from someone identified as JB who said, “I also feel personally, that the oil and gas industry may be just about tapped out.” I took that as good news.

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