In lieu of the usual summary, tonight we are just doing a brief email.

The Commissioners spent the day in deliberations, discussing issues related to the transfer of permits, alternate location analysis, cumulative impact assessments, and standing. Though there were long discussions over each of these crucial issues, the Commissioners almost always came back to the Staff’s most recent draft. The Commissioners took no votes or straw polls today, but it appears safe to say that the final rules are going to look very similar to Staff’s most recent draft. 

That means we’re looking at a 2,000′ foot setback from homes, the beginnings of a meaningful cumulative impact assessment, a required alternate location analysis for the most impactful applications, procedural protections for disproportionately impacted communities, and a much expanded public participation process. None of these rules are perfect, but they are major steps forward for the state, and are real wins for impacted Coloradans everywhere. 

On Monday, the Commissioners will wrap up their deliberations on the last few issues, discuss how these new rules will apply to currently pending applications, and take straw poll votes on the 200-600 series rules. 

—Andrew Forkes-Gudmundson

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