The Larimer Alliance submitted questions on two separate occasions to all the candidates running for Fort Collins City Council seats in District One, District Three, District Four, and District Five, which are open for election on April 6, 2021. The questionnaire covered a range of topics related to oil and gas regulation and other environmental issues, and can be viewed under this same category here.

Based upon a combination of the candidate responses we did receive and their public record on the issues, the Larimer Alliance is endorsing the following candidates: 

  • District One: Susan Gutowsky
  • District Three: Tricia Canonico
  • District Four: Melanie Potyondy
  • District Five: Kelly Ohlson 

Additionally, we stand ready to assist in helping educate and collaborate with the future city council as the City of Fort Collins develops its own regulations on oil and gas development within the city to ensure strong protections for the health and safety of all Fort Collins residents, the environment, and wildlife, in accordance with the law. We also look forward to working with them on other related environmental issues.

The Larimer Alliance for Health, Safety & the Environment is a coalition of Northern Colorado citizens and groups committed to protecting Larimer County from harm by oil and gas development.  We aim to educate the public and ensure that local and state governments develop and implement policies that prioritize the protection of public health and safety, environmental quality, wildlife resources, and the integrity of public lands, in accordance with Colorado law.


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