The Oil & Gas 101 Webinar was a rousing success!

I attended LOGIC’s Oil & Gas 101 Webinar tonight (April 21, 2021) and was much impressed. The audience was quite engaged, which numbered around 35 to 40. A link to the recording is posted below.

Here is a brief excerpt of a question I posed in the chat:

19:52:37 From Rick Casey to Everyone:
Awesome presentation; I’d like to make a suggestion for LOGIC’s push for air quality monitoring. This is a regional issue, and will take regional policy. So all us individual communities desperately need a coordinated approach, informed by real technical expertise. Something like a grant from the EPA to set up a system of BouldrAIR monitoring stations, from Denver to northern Weld County, that would comprehensively measure *exactly* what is in our air and where it is coming from….now THAT would be awesome! Rick Casey, webmaster, THANKS AGAIN LOGIC!!!

…which was answered very positively:

19:53:38 From Sara Loflin – LOGIC, Erie (She/her/hers) to Everyone:
@Rick Casey, YES! A goal over the summer is to form a working group of local electeds and constituents to really ramp that up and get it going.

And here is a link to the recording of the webinar (you will need a Facebook account to view):


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