2 thoughts on “Report on the “What’s In Our Air” presentation by Longmont Climate Community, February 10, 2022”

  1. Hi Sonia,

    This was a gathering of the activists more than government reps; so, no, the EPA wasn’t there. The real import was the revealing of the makeup of the Cultivando project. I expect the evidence that will be compiled by BoulderAIR, and the analysis by a panel of health experts from CSU and CU, to be quite powerful. At that stage, a public airing of grievances, with government agencies represented, would be more appropriate. The project should be completed in fall 2022. Mike Foote did quite pointedly mention the possible (probable?) need for a “cleanup bill”…an appropriate term. This is going to be a long fight….

  2. What a powerful list of participants! A year to wait as each ugly air day passes… Did anyone (like the EPA) talk about potential outcomes? Payouts, closures, etc.? Or we just have to wait…

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