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The quest continues: where is the data on water & fracking?

My next question was to the Division of Water Resources, at

Dear DWR:

I am trying to find out where the state records are which show where fracking operators get their water, and where that ‘produced water’ ends up. I am most interested in Front Range operators, from Adams County northward.

Finding answers to those two simple questions is proving surprisingly difficult. Neither the COGCC or CDPHE have been able to help me.

I realize the data records may not be structured to answer such a question from the public, since they were perhaps not designed that way to begin with; however, as the political pressures on our water resources intensify, the data will need to be marshalled, somehow, to answer such questions, as times change. If you have any comments on that issue, I’d be interested in hearing that as well.

Best regards,
Rick Casey

The quest begins: where is the data on water and fracking?

This is request I made to the Colorado Department of Water Resources today:

Hello DWR:

I have a report from CO DNR (Dept of Natural Resources?) that writes about water and fracking, circa January 2017. Please see attached.

It refers to a “Colorado Water Diversions table”, and shows a line in the report where there is a breakdown of water use, with one line for “hydraulic fracturing.”

I have tried finding this report on your website to no avail. I cannot remember how I found this report, and it is unfortunate that it does not contain any other identifying information, such as who or what office authored the report.

I am basically a concerned citizen that volunteers for a non-profit, and we are trying to find the answer to two simple questions: 1) how much water goes into fracking? (preferably on a county basis), and 2) where does the produced water go?

I am hoping someone in your office might be able to help me.

Rick Casey


An affected neighborhood in Larimer County: Heathfire

Although I had created a map of the known injection wells in Larimer County last year (see this page on the website), I had never yet gone to see any of them.  So today I decided to do that. I picked one location from the map that looked easy to drive to:

The injection well I picked

I also discovered that if you input a lat/long location into Google Maps (latitude first), it will put a pin there, which made things easy….so off I went.

Turns out this location is in the Heathfire neighborhood, not far from Terry Lake, a few miles north of Fort Collins. It was somewhat of a shock to see this obviously somewhat old facility of oil and gas equipment, rusty and antiquated-looking — with two pump jacks in constant motion — surrounded by expensive, clean, modern homes; but there it was:

Entrance to injection well site

As I drove through the neighborhood, I was able to see more of the facility from different angles:

Entrance sign identifies Prospect Energy as the operator
View from a little further down the street
And a little further down the street


Evidently, this neighborhood grew up around this O&G facility, as the homes look much newer than the rusty equipment.

I have heard from others who have lived here that there are sometimes quite strong fumes that come this equipment. While I don’t know what that means, this is one of the injection well locations that we are going to be studying…stay tuned!