The quest begins: where is the data on water and fracking?

This is request I made to the Colorado Department of Water Resources today:

Hello DWR:

I have a report from CO DNR (Dept of Natural Resources?) that writes about water and fracking, circa January 2017. Please see attached.

It refers to a “Colorado Water Diversions table”, and shows a line in the report where there is a breakdown of water use, with one line for “hydraulic fracturing.”

I have tried finding this report on your website to no avail. I cannot remember how I found this report, and it is unfortunate that it does not contain any other identifying information, such as who or what office authored the report.

I am basically a concerned citizen that volunteers for a non-profit, and we are trying to find the answer to two simple questions: 1) how much water goes into fracking? (preferably on a county basis), and 2) where does the produced water go?

I am hoping someone in your office might be able to help me.

Rick Casey


2 thoughts on “The quest begins: where is the data on water and fracking?”

  1. I struck on the above question, receiving this response:
    Hello Rick,

    The Water Quality Control Division does not really have anything like that. I think you would be best off contacting the Department of Natural Resources. They have both the Water Resources and Oil and Gas divisions.



    Frank Dale
    Records Manager
    Business Services Unit, CDPHE
    Water Quality Control Division

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